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Reactive Controller for Quadrupedal Robots On Challenging Terrain

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Teaching robots how to negotiate uneven terrain is easier said than done. We have already covered a bunch of projects that involve research in this area. This video explores a reactive controller framework for quadrupedal locomotion, enabling robots to better cope with terrain irregularities:

The framework comprises two main modules: One related to the generation of elliptic trajectories for the feet and the other for control of the stability of the whole robot.a task space CPG–based trajectory generation that can be modulated according to terrain irregularities and the posture of the robot trunk. To improve the robot’s stability, we implemented a null space based attitude control for the trunk and a push recovery algorithm based on the concept of capture points.

A Reactive Controller Framework for Quadrupedal Locomotion on Challenging Terrain (ICRA'13)

More information is available here.

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