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This Insect-sized Robot Navigates Mazes Like a Cheetah

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Here is a flexible robot that can traverse complex train and swerve to avoid obstacles with the agility of a cheetah. Built by engineers at the University of California, Berkeley, this robot has a thin layer construction that bends and contracts when an electric voltage is applied.

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the research team added two electrostatic footpads to the robot. Applying a voltage to either of the footpads increases the electrostatic force between the footpad and a surface, making that footpad stick more firmly to the surface and forcing the rest of the robot to rotate around the foot. The two footpads give operators full control over the trajectory of the robot, and allow the robot to make turns with a centripetal acceleration that exceeds that of most insects.

This robot can survive being stepped on by a 120lb human. It operates on battery for 31 meters when carrying a gas sensor.


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