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Toyota Humanoid Robot T-HR3 Mimics Your Movement

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Meet the Toyota Humanoid Robot T-HR3: a powerful, versatile platform that can make your life easier at home, medical facilities, construction sites, and everywhere in between. It can be controlled from a Master Maneuvering System. As Toyota explains, the robot is capable of mimicking your movement:

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T-HR3 is controlled from a Master Maneuvering System that allows the entire body of the robot to be operated instinctively with wearable controls that map hand, arm and foot movements to the robot, and a head-mounted display that allows the user to see from the robot’s perspective. The system’s master arms give the operator full range of motion of the robot’s corresponding joints and the master foot allows the operator to walk in place in the chair to move the robot forward or laterally.

The robot stands 1.54m tall, weighing 75kg. It has 32 axes of movement and 10 fingers. You get data gloves and a head-mounted display for robot control.



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