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ExploDrone: Drone Based IED Simulation System

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Meet the ExploDrone system: a drone-based IED simulation system that helps the troops get ready for aerial threats. It can simulate two types of attacks carried out by enemy drones. ExploDrone drones can fly to a target and deliver a munition payload or trigger IED simulators mounted to their body.

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Lightweight pneumatic based Explosive Blast Simulators are carried by larger drones and are used to simulate attacks wherein the drone itself is used as an explosive device, akin to the Japanese kamikaze pilots of WWII. However, unlike their real world counterpart, these training drones and simulators can be reused indefinitely to save training costs. Additionally, smaller drones are used that carry simulations of the repurposed military and improvised munitions that are being dropped onto personnel, vehicles, or other military targets. These simulated munitions are interfaced with Explosive Blast Simulators prepositioned in or on the target area to create the realistic effects so necessary to providing psychologically effective training to ground troops.

World's FIRST and ONLY Drone-based IED Simulator!!!

Such a system can prepare soldiers to deal with these types of threats. More info is available here.

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