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AcroMonk Nature Inspired Underactuated Brachiating Robot

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Meet the AcroMonk: an underactuated brachiating robot that uses a single actuator and unactuated grippers to snap and release from monkey bars. As the researchers explain, the brachiation action can be achieved by:

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using trajectory optimization via direct collocation and stabilization by a model-based time varying linear quadratic regulator (TVLQR) or model-free proportional derivative (PD) control, as well as by a reinforcement learning (RL) based control policy.

AcroMonk: A Minimalist Underactuated Brachiating Robot

[HT] [Credit: Mahdi Javadi, Daniel Harnack, Paula Stocco, Shivesh Kumar, Shubham Vyas, Daniel Pizzutilo, and Frank Kirchner]

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